A Beautiful Body Project

"I Hate Being Naked" Dena's Story


(Images of the Beautiful Dena by Jade Beall, more images below)

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Why Loving Ourselves Helps Us Love Others


(All images of these 3 beautiful women by Jade Beall)

I had the tremendous honor of photographing these gorgeous women a few weeks ago.  It was not in the plan to do nudes, but somehow these ladies decided to entrust me with their precious vulnerability and the results give me such abundant inspiration!  I simply LOVED... Read More

5 Things I Do To Create Artistic Prenatal Photographs!


All images by Jade Beall, more images below.

I love photographing the shape of pregnant women.  I always have, since my early twenties. I think I am passionately drawn not just to the shape of her belly, but the shape-shift of her breasts, sometimes a woman's face changes, and yes I even love the plumpness of swollen ankles... Read More

Can Raising Mentally Healthy Children Begin With Loving Ourselves?


All photos of Gorgeous Tina and her twins by Jade Beall.  More images below. 

The effects of depression has been on my mind a lot over the past few days.  I think it has been on a lot of our minds as we mourn our beloved Robin Williams.  And I think it is... Read More

The Secret To Mending Broken Hearts Is...


(All photos by Jade Beall, More below)

Three now.  Three times I have been dumped by someone I loved so deeply. First time was my first love, when I was 15, he was 25.  He left me for a super cool french woman much older than I and way more accomplished.  I think I cried for... Read More

Birthing & Breastfeeding 4 Children: Kiersten's Story Of Becoming A Mother At 17 Years Old


All photographs of Kiersten, mother of 4, by Jade Beall.  More images below.

I asked Kiersten if she would model for me after I found our that she tandem breastfeeds her newborn and her 2 year old.  I was struck by her calmness as a mother, her gorgeousness and her lovely tattoo circling one of her nipples... Read More

My Children Tell Me I Am Beautiful: Jody's Story.


(All photos of the gorgeous Jody, Mother of 5, by Jade Beall, more images below)

Jody came to be photographed with her beautiful daughter because Jody is ready to look at herself in an un-photoshopped image and love what she sees:  her irreplaceable beauty.  Here is a little of what Jody wanted to share with... Read More

Transforming Self-Loathing into Self-Love is Beautiful


All photos by Jade Beall of the gorgeous Alexis and her family.  More photos below.

Alexis found me on Facebook after giving birth to her 3rd child because she was ready to start feeling beautiful in the gorgeous skin that she is in.  Last month she was visiting family in Arizona and asked... Read More

How I Transform My Bouts Of Fear & Darkness Into Art & Joy! (NSFW)


(All photographs by Jade Beall of Heather, mother of 3, in her phenomenal Taos based studio Sparrow Photography, more images below) 

I have taken the last three weeks to decompress from working 24/7 over the last few years in the lush Sangre De Cristo mountains in Northern New Mexico.  It's just me and my... Read More

10 Things I Have Learned About Calling Everyone Beautiful & The Body Positive Movement In One Year


(Many more photos below text)

Today is my 35th birthday, but more important, to me at least, is the celebration of the one year anniversary completion of my Kickstarter Campaign for my book which launched me into an unexpected euphoria of blessed attention and a slightly frantic Body Positive Stardom. Because I took some images of myself nude... Read More

Freedom From Shaming Each Other and Ourselves!


All photographs by me (Jade Beall) of the incredible mother/dancer/breastfeeding advocate/blogger Ms Wright's Way.  More photos below.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I signed up to go study abroad through the Rotary Club for my junior year in Argentina.  I went to all the meetings, paid all my fees by babysitting and was ecstatic for... Read More

I No Longer Cringe At My Stretchmarks: Leah's Story


When I first decided to be photographed for ABBP, it was because I wanted to have done something my kids could be proud of me for, something inspirational. It turned out to be so much more than that.

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Surrogate Gives Twins To Mother Unable To Birth Herself


Erin’s story starts when she was 23 years old and told she would not be able to have children. Her desire to be a mother had been a strong one and this news was heartbreaking. She had to have her tubes removed that year.

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Life After Being Hit By A Car: Claire's Story


Reflecting on life after being hit by a car, Claire wrote: "Of course, I cringed. In fact, I felt like crying. Looking through the 77 photos Natasha had just sent me, it seemed all of my worst fears were coming true. It was painted clearly there before me in the black and white images on my computer screen. My... Read More

I Dream Of A day When...


I dream of the day when we no longer say disempowering words to ourselves or to others like: "You need to loose weight"


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We Were Taught That Growing Older Is Ugly And It's Time To Relearn The Truth: Growing Wise Is Beautiful


I have been noticing for quite some time that images I often see in both media and in local photographer's work alike of older women are missing something gorgeous: truthfulness.

As if the truth of what miraculously happens to our sweet and tender bodies is not worthy of being photographed without erasing away with photoshop the lines on our face... Read More

A Photo Journey Of Several Years Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Is Beautiful

I had the honor to photograph the gorgeous Alexis when she was pregnant with E, who she is nursing in these photos, and several times through E's nursing years, and then into Alexis' 3rd pregnancy.  Alexis is in my book, but so many of the photos that I loved were not able to be included because of... Read More

I Didn't Lose My Hair and Breasts, Cancer Took Them


 All Photographs by Ash Nayler

"It must be hard to lose your boobs."  Even my breast cancer surgeon, aka the guy who cut off my boobs 4  times, says "of course you're upset, you've just lost your breasts".  

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Surviving Severe Body Burns: Kara's Story


All photos of Kara by Mallory Taglia

My body is far from perfect. I have put it through the ringer. Stretch marks from 2 children, bumps and bruises from sports, and a few surgeries along the way. I never realized how important my body was until I was 16 and it took the beating of a lifetime.

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A Simply Breath-Taking Familial Bond


ABB Project's photographer Belle Verdiglione's reflections on a recent shoot: 

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Pregnant With Two And Just One Heart Beat: This Is Bek's Story


(Photo not of the author.  By Jade Beall)

A few days ago, I received this beautiful and heart-wrenching email from a woman.  Her name is Bek and she wrote:

"I'm not sure if you will ever see this message.  But just in case you do, I need you to know something. You and I... Read More

I'm Fat, Beautiful and Successful!

Jade at TedxPitic

photo of Jade by Gastelum Studio

This photo was taken this past weekend at a groundbreaking event that I was invited to speak at called Tedx Pitic: one of Mexico's few legit Ted talk happenings and the first ever Tedx in Hermosillo, Mexico.

If I had looked at this photo 3 years ago... Read More

Reversing The Nude Role?


Mel and Andrea, together since the seventies

I have been learning a lot lately.  It's true that I grew up in a small Mexican village accessible to the rest of the world only by boat for much of my childhood and although I have been living in the big city of Tucson Arizona for the last 8 years,... Read More

I See Myself Through "Fat" Eyes: Meri's Story


When I put out a call via social media that I was looking for brave Toronto-based women willing to tell them body stories for this powerful project, Meri was the first person to raise her hand and book her portrait session.

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It All Began In Middle School: From Gym Shorts To Stretch Marks


It was the first year of being a teenager and going to middle school. When I was in middle school you had to wear a gym strip, which was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for gym class that everyone had to wear. 

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My Walker Does Not Define Me: Emily's Story


I wasn't always confident in my body image. My body works differently than an able body. I have a mild form of cerebral palsy and use a walker. 

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Michigan Photographer Responds To Plastic Surgery Billboards


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the “Go Confidently” Plastic Surgery billboard ads that suddenly popped up all over the highway and near highway entrances around the Grand Rapids, Michigan area? So I couldn't help but make my own billboard images!


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Escaping An Abusive Partner: Amelie's Story


(All Photos of Amelie by Saartje van Lommelen)

Meet Beautiful Amelie.  Amelie is from Haasrode, Belgium.  Amelie is 21 years old and her precious daughter Anisia is 21 months old. 

Amelie's Story:

I was 18 years when I met my ex. We were 3 months together when he said he wanted children. First I said no because we really... Read More

Can I Breastfeed My Twins Enough To Nourish Them? Marina's Story


Coming into the photography studio I felt nervous about exposing myself, putting my body out for public scrutiny flaws and all. For me though, it wasn’t just about baring my soft, stretched post-partum body, but more about exposing my body’s failures and inadequacies.

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The Practice of Feeling Beautiful Inside & Out: Reina's Story


All Photographs of The Lovely Reina by Jade Beall

Starting to write…hmm. now that I have some time at 11:30pm I don’t have anything to say. What have I been doing the last year? Avoiding a lot that’s for damn sure. The last year has been intense. I started dating a man…that I now live with. I’m still... Read More

In Vitro Fertilization, Miscarriages, Births, and A Mother's Path To Self-Love


My body and me travelled through rough times, including ups and downs. When I was a child I suffered from backpain. I felt trapped in my body. It didn't let me do what I wanted to. Still it is a everyday battle. It was the base of my low selfesteem.

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Healing From Anorexia: Loren's Story


(More Photos Below)

I met Loren through her beautiful mother Chris.  I met Chris when she came to receive a massage from me because I had been massaging her beautiful mother, Nora.  Loren was still in high school when she started receiving body work from me.  I had very little experience working on teenagers and I was so... Read More

Dear Varicose Veins: I Love You


Dear Varicose Veins,

I love you.  It's true that I feared you my entire childhood as I watched my grandmother and my mother and my sister despise you and hide you.  I carefully watched the powerful women who raised me talk badly about you and wither away from their birthright of beauty, all because of you.  You made me mad!... Read More

Wise Beauty: Cheryl of 6 Decades and One Year Circling The Sun


I have really been inJOYing photographing the beautiful Wise Women volunteering their exquisiteness over the last few months for my new project. The shoots are joyous and easy, the women who show up are confidant and at ease with their irreplaceable beauty and their divine wisdom.  Some are still working on loving themselves in entirety and yet are fully aware... Read More

Daughter With Downs Syndrome Helps Her Mother See Beauty


"I would like to share our story how my daughter with Down's Syndrome inspired me to overcome feeling insecure about my body," Julia M started.  

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Seeing Ourselves Nude of Photoshop


I recently photographed this beautiful woman pregnant with her second child.  I could tell she was a little nervous when she walked into my studio, just like most of the women who walk into my space.  I can only imagine what women must be thinking when they first meet me,  I think probably something like, "Is she going to make... Read More

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